Suppliers of High Precision Measurement Equipment

30 years of experience as the UK’s supplier of Kyoto Electronics Manufacturing (KEM) titration, refractive index and density measurement tools.

Alcoholic Beverages

GPS supplies reliable and highly accurate digital density meters for alcohol content (% ABV) determinations according to the HMC&E reference method.

Food & Beverage

We have convincing solutions to determine a wide range of relevant parameters in the quality control of food and beverage.

Petroleum Products

Our analysers are used in many petroleum laboratories to perform tests according to ASTM and ISO petroleum standards.


We have high precision options to test a wide range of relevant parameters in the quality control of pharmaceutical goods.

Flavours & Fragrances

Our density and refractive index analysers are used when manufacturing fragrances and flavours, with quick, precise physical measurements.


GPS supplies highly accurate titration and analysis equipment for the measurement of raw materials or concentrations of finished products.
Who We are

Exclusive Distributor of KEM Measuring Products

GPS Instrumentation Ltd is the exclusive distributor of density meters, refractometers, titration equipment and other measuring products for Kyoto Electronics Manufacturing (KEM) in the UK and Ireland.
Fermenting tanks at a brewery
ALM-155 Alcohol Meter
Featured Products

Flexibly expandable.
Our titration systems grow with your needs.

Whatever your titration needs are and whatever they will be in the future – your initial investment will never be lost: With the AT-710 titrators you can tailor a titration system exactly according to your needs, starting with stand alone entry level instrument and upgrade it later on to a remote controlled, fully automated multi channel titration system capable of running up to four titrations of any type – including Karl Fischer moisture titrations – simultaneously.

Featured Products

Powerful automation. Even for highly viscous samples.

Our DA-645 Density Meter together with a CHD-502H sample changer is the ideal solution to perform density measurements of samples like paraffin or crude oils, bunker oils or grease and fats at elevated temperatures.

Featured Products

Premium but very cost effective. Our solutions for your high precision weighing tasks.

With our A&D Semi Micro and Micro Analytical Balances and Moisture Analysers we offer state of the art weighing technology at reasonable prices.