Special offer: Sample Changer


Take advantage of our special offer, automate your density and refractive index measurements: We currently offer the CHD-502N Sample Changer for £7990 instead of £9464 (normal list price). CHD-502N Sample Changer with 30 positions This Sample Changer is suitable for our Density Meters DA-640, DA-654 and DA-650 as well as for our Refractometers RA-600 and […]

GPS are proud to launch the new MKH-700 Hybrid Karl Fischer Titrator

Karl Fischer Hybrid Titrator

For the first time you do not have to decide whether you need the volumetric or coulometric technique. The new KEM MKH-700 Hybrid Karl Fischer Titrator decides which system to use and switches accordingly. This makes the MKH-700 the first single instrument able to measure water content from 0.1ppm – 100%. The MKH-700 has a […]