The Chemical Industry covers a vast range of products and companies. All the instruments in our range are widely used by most chemical companies. Titration is probably the most widely used analysis with the number of applications running into thousands-too many to list here.

GPS has a vast library of applications. Specific application notes are available upon request. If it can be done by titration the AT710 range of titrators can do it.

Density measurement is often used as a rapid quality check on incoming raw materials as well as being used as a way of determining the concentration of finished product by the simple conversion of the density measurement

Titration AT710 series

Application available on request. Please fill in a Contact us form

Density meter DA840, DA100

ASTM 1250, 4052, 5002

ISO 12185, 15212


Refractive Index RA600

ASTM 1218, 1569, 1807, 1992, 2140, 4056, 4095


ISO 1743, OIML 12124