NEW HR-A Series Standard Level Analytical Balances

What do you expect most from an analytical balance? If you are like us, you will agree that accuracy and reliability come before anything else. The HR-AZ/HR-A series, behind their simple design, utilize proven A&D sensor technology that delivers solid performance to all users who wish to do superior work. Optimizing value, the HR-AZ/HR-A series […]

NEW Digital Density Meter DA-800 Series


Kyoto Electronics Manufacturing is a renowned specialist for density measurement and the only JCSS (Japan Calibration Service System) accredited supplier of liquid density standards. The DA-800 Series Density Meter is the result of 3 decades of experience in manufacturing Digital Density Meters and the market experience gained in close cooperation with our customers. It combines […]

NEW Alcohol Meter ALM-155

ALM-155 Alcohol Meter

The ALM-155 is a dedicated, small size and high performance bench top density meter with oscillating capillary tube for the analysis of oenology, spirits and beer. The analysis of density and specific gravity in alcohol products has never been so easy and accessible for any budget. The ALM-155 displays results with high resolution of 0.01% […]

Gas Volume Analyser GVA-700

GVA-700 Gas Volume Analyser

The New GVA700 Gas Volume Analyser is designed for use in the brewing and carbonated drinks industries. During the manufacturing process of beers, ciders and carbonated drinks parameters such as gas volume, air content and internal gas pressure are required to be measured. The GVA 700 provides a fresh perspective for these measurements, providing unsurpassed […]

Digital Portable Density Meter DA-130N


Reliable, compact and ergonomic: The portable DA-130 density/specific gravity meter is an ideal tool for quick and accurate measurements of liquids of different viscosities. The well though-out design of its sampling mechanism ensures hassle-free filling and quick and reliable cleaning of the measuring cell. In spite of its compact size and low weight the DA-130 […]

Volumetric Entry Level KF Titrator MKV-710B

MKV-710B Volumetric Karl Fischer Titrator

Compact size, easy operation, low cost: The MKV-710B Karl Fischer Titrator is a compact and cost-effective solution for a wide range of routine water content determinations. With its exchangeable burette unit and automatic evaporator control it is well equipped for routine water content determinations in a wide range of different products. The MKV-710B provides at […]

Potentiometric Entry Level Titrator AT-710B

Entry Level Titrator AT-710B

Maximum performance and efficiency at minimum costs without making any compromises in terms of operator convenience: 45 years of experience in manufacturing potentiomeric titrators and a myriad of valuable hints from our customers enabled us to achieve this ambitious goal. The AT-710B titrator not only offers the technical specifications and all the features you would […]

Digital Density Meter DA-100

DA-100 Digital Density Meter

Compact, robust, simple: The DA-100 is the ideal choice for quick and reliable density and specific gravity determinations. A sturdy metal housing and an extremely simple user guidance makes it a perfect and cost-effective solution for routine quality control in the lab and production environments. Reliable results The DA-100 features a built-in solid state thermostat […]

Coulometric Entry Level KF Titrator MKC-710B

MKC-710 Titrator

Compact size, easy operation, low cost: The MKC-710B Karl Fischer Titrator is a compact, cost-effective solution for highly accurate water content determinations in products which contain small amounts of water. This model provides an extremely simple user guidance, a new comfortable approach for method development and editing and easy data exchange possibilities. But there is […]

GH Series Semi Micro Analytical Balances

Semi Micro Analytical Balances

The A&D GH Semi Micro Balances incorporate the newest state of art weighing technology. Their high quality, advanced features and standard accessories make them premium but very cost effective solution for your high precision weighing tasks. Automatic self calibration built-in All A&D GH Balances are equipped with a motor driven internal calibration with a built […]