MKV-710B Volumetric Karl Fischer Titrator

Volumetric Entry Level KF Titrator MKV-710B

Compact size, easy operation, low cost: The MKV-710B Karl Fischer Titrator is a compact and cost-effective solution for a wide range of routine water content determinations. With its exchangeable burette unit and automatic evaporator control

Product Description

Compact size, easy operation, low cost: The MKV-710B Karl Fischer Titrator is a compact and cost-effective solution for a wide range of routine water content determinations. With its exchangeable burette unit and automatic evaporator control it is well equipped for routine water content determinations in a wide range of different products. The MKV-710B provides at the same time an extremely simple user guidance, a new comfortable approach for method development and editing and easy data exchange possibilities.

But there is much more: The MKV-710B can grow with your needs: By adding an MCU-710M colour touch screen control unit it can easily be upgraded to a powerful multi channel titration system, capable of running up to 4 titrations of any type (Karl Fischer volumetric, Karl Fischer coulometric or potentiometric titration) simultaneously.

Suitable for different types of Karl Fischer reagents
The automatic solution impedance compensation function of the MKV-710B (patent pending) reliably prevents over titration without needing to adjust the polarization voltage according to the type of Karl Fischer reagent used.

Possibility to add a second burette
The MKV-710B can be equipped with a second burette. With an additional burette the MKV-710B can perform automatic Karl Fischer back titrations and can therefore be used to analyse samples which release the water only very slowly without need to heat the titration cell.

Smooth method input and method transfer
The MKV-710B titrator offers a comfortable way to edit methods – without requiring a touch screen on the instrument itself: The methods are developed and stored on an USB memory stick by means of a personal computer and can easily be installed on one or several MKV-710B Titrators.

Versatile data export
The MKV-710B titrator offers convenient possibilities for measurement data acquisition and storage whether or not the instrument is permanently connected to a personal computer. Titration results can conveniently be stored as pdf files on an USB flash drive (memory stick).

Now comes with an included flexible qwerty keyboard.



Technical Specifications


Soft Cap Data Capture Software

  • Software CaptureThe easy way to transfer your results directly to Microsoft EXCEL
  • The Data Capture Software is an easy to use and flexible solution to collect measurement results from different KEM instruments (Refractometers, Density Meters, Potentiometric or Karl-Fischer Titrators, Thermal Conductivity Meters) on a Windows personal computer.
  • Up to four different instruments can be connected to one single PC and be used simultaneously. Two of these instruments can be of the same model.
  • The results can directly be stored in EXCEL workbooks. The measured results are always available at a glance in a clear and concise manner.
  • As soon as a measurement has finished, the result appears in the corresponding worksheet.
  • The layout, order and the format how the results are stored in EXCEL can freely be adapted to specific needs.
  • Results can be automatically be processed by EXCEL macros as they are transmitted to the PC. Additional data (comments, sample data, etc.) can be entered at any time by means of the PC keyboard or a barcode reader.
  • All results can at the same time be stored in as CSV files.

System Requirements for PC

Specification Description
Computer Personal computer with Pentium II CPU of 233MHz or better
Operating system Microsoft Windows 2000, XP,
Vista (Home Basic, Business), 7 (Home Premium, Professional)
Other programs Microsoft EXCEL 97 / 2000 / 2003 / 2007
RAM at least 128 MB / 512 MB recommended
Hard disc space 10 MB required for installation
Display Resolution higher than 640 * 480
Disk drive CD-ROM or DVD-ROM
Interface 1 USB port
RS-232C D-sub (male) 9 pin required for each additional instrument
to be connected to the same computer.


IDP-100 PrinterIDP-100 Printer
Dot matrix ink printer for GLP compliance.

  • Dot matrix printer with ink ribbon, prints on regular paper (width 57.5 ± 0.5mm).
  • 24 digits, 144 dots per line.
  • Automatic paper end detection – no loss of data!
  • 2 kB internal buffer memory. Advantage: Less time required per measurement, as the instrument does not have to wait until the results are printed out.

Solvent Pump

Automatic Solvent Pump - Automatic Filling and Emptying System for Titration CellAutomatic filling and emptying system for titration cell
Direct contact with Karl Fischer Reagents should always be avoided. This automatic filling an emptying system for the titration cell (ordering number 98-433-0135) protects operators from direct contact with toxic reagents and vapors. The pump is built into the magnetic stirrer. The connecting cable for the stirrer is included in the standard delivery.

Titration Cells

Sketch Part Code Description
98-740-3001 98-740-3001 S-type 30 … 80 mL
kf_titration_cell_d.png 98-740-3005 D-type 30 … 80 mL
kf_titration_cell_n.png 98-740-3002 N-type 50 … 130 mL
kf_titration_cell_c.png 98-740-3003 C-type 50 … 130 mL
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