Electromagnetically Spinning Viscometer

The EMS1000S, from KEM Electronics employs the new electromagnetic
spinning method – the probe rotates by Lorentz interactive force. This patented method offers many advantages over conventional viscometers both kinematic and rotational, such as the ability to measure very small sample volumes eg. Blood & Plasma, and samples which are difficult to clean out. This is achieved by using low cost disposable vials. The built in CMOS camera allows for observation of visual changes during the test.

EMS-1000S Electromagnetic Spinning Viscometer
Electro Magnetically Spinning Viscometer EMS-1000S

Temperature Range

0 – 200 °C

Temperature Stability

± 0.1 °C

Heating Rate

Within 10 minutes (25 – 200 °C)

Viscosity Range

0.1 – 100,000 mPa – s

Sample Volume Required

300μL (90μL option)

Shear Rate

0.01 – 150s -¹

Measuring Time

1 s – 1 minute depending on viscosity

Why Choose Us?

The management at GPS Instrumentation have been firmly involved with KEM over the last 20 years with proven experience in the fields of refractive index and density measurement, titration and determination of alcohol in beverages.

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